Rambo Amadeus in Cvetličarna

I’ve been wanting to hear Antoni Pušić aka Rambo Amadeus live for a long time. I have been listening to his music for a quarter of a century, but now I finally had the opportunity to see his performance live on Thursday, February 19, at the “Concert for hair dryers” in Cvetličarna. On tour promoting “Six pack”; five first albums “O tugo jesenja”, “Hojemo gusle”, “PPK M-91”, “Mikroorganizmi” and “Titanik”. Magnifico also appeared as a special guest at the end of the concert.

I went to Cvetličarna with Dino. Rambo made a few comments, provoked, made a joke, sung a song – for his own 50 BD. He is accompanied by the band Two Winettous and One More (Saša Ranković – drummer, Miroslav Tovirac – bassist and keyboardist Vojno Dizdar – One More). This is much more than just an ordinary concert. It definitely went by too quickly, even though the concert lasted more than two hours. I’m going to see him live again. After finishing, we went to Hot Horse and a before returning home because next day was a working day.

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