Magnifico in Kurzschluss

Within the Kurzschluss festival, Magnifico also has its Christmas concert, sold out – approx. 2,000 people, ticket €18-25, in the storage rooms in the office building of Slovenijales. Friends and I are not too fond of Christmas celebrations and this was an ideal opportunity for us to socialize. A lot of people gathered in the basement together with us (Andreja, Miha, Nina, Ada, Barbi, Katka, …). In the meantime, I climbed to the VIP to Boban.

The concert was well received by the audience, but the crowd was too big. Dressed in white, Magnifico performs songs from all periods of her career. Also from the last movie Montevideo god te video. Of course, Ivan Pavlović’s trumpeters are also here at the end, who raise the revelry to an even higher level. It ends with DJ Cica Mica. In the late hours, we are all quite tired.

Magnifico in Kurzschluss 1

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