The path along the wire – The path of memories and companionship – PST

PST is a 32.5-kilometer route around Ljubljana. It runs along a route where barbed wire was laid around the city during World War II. As there was active rebel activity of the Liberation Front (OF) in the city, which they could not stop, the Italian fascists decided to turn the city into one large camp on February 23, 1942. In addition to the wire around the city, over 200 buildings were erected or used. watchtowers, …). They even place an inner circle around the city center with movable barriers. After the capitulation of Italy in 1943, the German Nazis came with the Home Guard. On May 9, Ljubljana was liberated, but the city remained closed until the arrival of Tito on May 26, 1945 (1171 days), when the new government established its regime. Wire, tunnels, bunkers, and mines were slowly removed the following year.

Video of walk

After the war, on the anniversary of the liberation, a march was organized around the city where the wire once stood. In the ’50s, they began erecting monuments. In the ’70s, they made a plan for a walking trail and finish it in 1985 on the 40th anniversary of the liberation with the help of the residents. Even participation was mandatory for some time. The trail is made of gravel, 32.5 km long and 2 to 4 meters wide. Along the way, there is a tree-lined avenue wherever it was possible. There are larger monuments on the main entrances to the city, over 200 memorial pillars as donations from companies were placed along the way. The path is also marked with signs along the path and markings in the asphalt, where the path runs through the populated areas.

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 1
marks on PST

The trail starts on Tržaška cesta and goes clockwise through parts of Ljubljana: Vrhovci, Rožnik, Koseze (pond), Šiška, Bežigrad (BS3), Žale, Jarše, BTC, Polje, Nova Fužine, Spodnja Hrušica, Golovec, Rudnik, Rakova Jelša, Murgle and ends at the starting point in Vič. Since this is a circular route, you can start anywhere and go in any direction. It is closest for me to start at Rudnik and since it is next to Golovec, it is best to do it at the beginning while there is still some strength. I will try to describe my experience and use pictures to get a little closer to what the path looks like if you decide to take these steps yourself.

From 26 km to 22 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 2

Around 9 am I left home and started on Peruzzijeva street and head towards Golovec, crossed Dolenjska cesta, and head up the hill. After a short asphalt path, the sandy path continues. After arriving at the top of the ridge, I walked east for a while. Golovec is interspersed with paths, so you need to be careful not to get out of the way. The best advice is to follow signs and a path that has a wooden sidewalk and transverse iron drains. Now it was time to descend the winding path. After a good hour, I was already on the other side of Golovec. I smoked a deserved cigarette.

From 22 km to 18 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 3

From here I continued along a flat path in the linden tree avenue, 88 trees (Tito’s age at death). I crossed Litijska cesta and continue to Fužinski most, on the other side I turned right and the path lead me past a nursery, where we used to steal fruit as children and further past a psychiatric hospital. There are white birches along the path. The path leads along the Ljubljanica below the motorway, where we are only time outside the ring road. This part of the route is between the highway and untidy shrubs and gardens. I got back to the populated part of the trail. Between the houses, I made my way to Zaloška cesta. On the opposite side is the store if you need shopping.

From 18 km to 13 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 4

Between the blocks of flats, I got to the highway and cross it at the end of the Letališka street, where they were repairing the overpass. There is a Petrol pump nearby if we need refreshments. The path soon turns into a section between Edvard Peperk’s barracks on one side and the motorway on the other. When I was here for the first time I was quite amazed at the beauty of this part. Here is a tap with drinking water. Eventually, I went into concrete again. In BTC, one of the worse parts where trucks are parked there is the huge amount of garbage in the bushes. I crossed Šmartinska cesta along the motorway and continue between the blocks in Jarše. Here I took a 10-minute rest on a bench and smoked another cigarette and drunk a couple of sips of water. After this pause, my muscles tighten a little and for the first time, my lower back started to ache.

From 13 km to 8 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 5

Moved across Jarška cesta between the houses and over Žale cemetery by Stožice stadium into BS3, here is one of the two preserved bunkers. I meander between the blocks again. Before I crossed Dunajska cesta, there is another Petrol pump. I bought an isotonic drink here and my muscles relaxed. Followed Hubadova, past the Ljubljana dairies, and across Vodovodna cesta, I crossed the parking lot and the railway line. Here, everything is poorly marked. At Verovška I continued to the gas station and then along the industrial area and gardens I continued to Litostroj. Here was another rest, again water and cigarettes. After almost halfway, I already felt tired, there are no blisters yet, but they will show up soon.

From 8 km to 4 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 6

I continue along Litostrojska. There is only concrete here again. I cross the railway and turn right onto the Ljubljana Brigades road. At the crossroads is the second of two preserved bunkers. I continued along the railway to the ring road. Here I turn left again along the ring road to Celovška cesta. At Celovška, I descend a little lower towards the center and crossed it at Aleja (if anyone would go shopping). Here the path goes again between the blocks (Trg komandanta Staneta, Adamičeva, Levčnikova, brothers Učkar, brothers Bezlaj), in between, there are marcation. Again, I rested on a bench with a cigarette and when I got up I could feel backpain.

From 4 km to 0 km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 7

Next to Kosešek pond, you have a place where I bought flavored water and a few meters further there is a tap where you can also quench your thirst. I re-enter the green area and for me the most beautiful part of the trail. The walk between the forest and the fields is favorable, I crossed Gradaščica over a couple of small bridges. I stopped at one of the benches again, eat a banana, drink some water and light a cigarette. I approached the settlement again, cross Cesta na Brdo, a small slope and stairs, and passed the cemetery Vič. After the underpass, I reached Tržaška cesta and the 0km sign.

From 32 km to 26km

The path along the wire - The path of memories and companionship - PST 8

Here the green area continues, I walked between the Mali graben and the cottages on the other side. I have just under a quarter of the way left when I stopped at the next bench to put a stone out of my sneaker. The blisters are already here. I crossed the road to Mestni log and again between the houses in Murgle on the left and Mali graben on the right, which I cross on Barjanska cesta. Here I turned to Rakova jelša and Marentičeva ulica. I crossed the Ljubljanica on Hladnikova ulica. The green was until the crossing of Ižanska cesta. I enter the last kilometer on the way with already heavy legs. There is also a tap with drinking water again. Last green part, I walked to Peruzzi Road, where I complete the circle.

I came home really tired after a little more than 7 and a half hours (an hour worse time than the last time 2 years ago). Blisters are here, leg pain of course, but the worst is with the lower back. I was in poor shape, 20 kg heavier, and also generally less prepared. I suggest you have spare socks (maybe also sneakers) with you and a shirt to change. It’s good to have something to drink with (with magnesium for cramps). I suggest bananas and some energy bars to eat. You can only opt for part of the route. In this case, I would suggest the western part below Rožnik or for a little effort the eastern part with Golovec. Whatever you decide, enjoy this mostly green oasis in Ljubljana – the Green Ring.

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