Visiting Zagreb

My mother and I drove to Zagreb to visit family. There was no crowd on the way and we were at my uncle’s in an hour and a half. We were well received there, coffee and lunch with various dishes and to finish with the dessert. Two also come. The “younger ones” went for a walk with the dog, Bero mixed kind. We walked around the blocks to the embankment of Sava. The sun was quite strong. We crossed the Sava and headed to Bundek, a park with a lake. We sat down for a drink there. After returning I got some rest and it was time to return home at night. On the car I found a fine for parking under the building, 60 HRK.

Visiting Zagreb 1
Bundek – družina

I was happy to meet my family, but I was also happy, thatI finally I managed to compile the entire collection of the Technical Encyclopedia, which my father had been collecting for many years. Volume 12 was taken over by my cousin at the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute.

tehnička enciklopedia
tehnička enciklopedia

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