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Notranjska is a historical region from the times of Austro-Hungary in the southeast of Slovenia. The landscape is strongly influenced by karst terrain, which is manifested in many karst phenomena (caves, sinkholes, intermittent lake, …). As an open region at the time of the COVID-19, I decided to visit it. It is necessary to get up early to make the whole circle.

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In the beginning, I drove to Logatec, on the old road it will take 35 minutes or on the highway for 25 minutes. If you go along the old road, you will be greeted at the entrance to the city by a nearly 2-kilometer-long and more than 200-year-old Napoleon tree avenue. In the city, you should stop briefly in the old town market, Dolenji Logatec.

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The square of St. Nikolaja is dominated by the baroque church of the same name, a monument to the fallen in the First World War, and an old municipal building and parish a little further on. A good 2 kilometers to the west is the Renaissance castle Logatec. Behind the castle is a beautiful castle park Vitez, which is intended for sports or walking. Otherwise, for adrenaline enthusiasts, Logatec offers a go-kart track and a wind tunnel on the outskirts.

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Predjamski grad

It is possible to drive again on the highway (35 min) or on the regional road (40 min). If you choose the regional road Kalce – Col you will soon start to climb and after 3 kilometers you will come past the remains of a Roman fortress. In Podkraje, the macadam path branches off, leading down, towards the end it is in poor condition. When you finally reach Predjama, a beautiful view of the castle built into the wall of the cliff opens up. Erazem Predjamski is the most famous former owner, who allegedly died under a cannonball in the restrooms because he was betrayed by a servant. You can see the castle for € 13.80.

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After 10 kilometers you will reach Postojna. At the entrance to the city is one of the most recognizable and visited tourist attractions in Slovenia – Postojna Cave. In the last 200 years, almost 40,000,000 visitors have come to see the underground tunnels (currently explored almost 25 km) decorated with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, on foot or by train, and to admire the interesting human fish, entrance fee € 25.80. You can combine sightseeing and tickets with the aforementioned castle, Vivarium, and EXPO cave. The old part of the town of Majlont and Tito Square and the Church of St. Štefan is worth a visit to the city. The Notranjska Museum is interesting for the youngest. The flooding fields Planina (karst phenomenon) can be another detour on this path.

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Pivka is reachable within 15 minutes. Here is the main attraction of the Pivka Military History Park. Definitely interesting for all children and military enthusiasts, where you see a submarine, a plane, tanks, … The peak is the Tank Weekend every spring, with military demonstrations of tanks from the collection are shown in the Military History Park, where the power of military armored vehicles is manifested. Here, too, there are flooding lakes, Pivška. We can extend to Ilirska Bistrica (Church of St. George, Kalc Castle, City Hall).

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Grad Snežnik

This castle is reachable in under an hour. The castle itself was first mentioned in the 14th century, the shape is probably from the Renaissance period. The castle built by the water and with an English landscaped garden gives a fairytale impression. It is worth a visit because the interior is one of the best-preserved in Slovenia (entrance fee 6 €). The best time to visit this castle is in the summer when there is a Floating castle festival here. For those enthusiastic mountaineers, Snežnik (1796 m above sea level) is the highest peak in Slovenia outside the Alps.

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Cerknica is half an hour away. There is the Križna Cave on the way if you would like to make another stop. Cerknica is, of course, best known for its intermittent lake. The lake varies in size depending on precipitation, from 20 km2 to 0.1 km2. It is also an important habitat for too many species of birds and amphibians at the European level. Here we can take a walk and enjoy nature, swim in summer, skate in winter, … The old town of Tabor is nice. The best time to visit the city is during the carnival when the city is ruled by Butalci and carnival schemes. Here, too, Slivnica (1114 m above sea level) is available for hill lovers, less demanding than the previously mentioned Snežnik.

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Rakov Škocjan

The last stop on this route is Rakov Škocjan, another 15 minutes drive. In this karst valley, which was formed after the collapse of the karst cave, we can see interesting shapes such as the Small Natural Bridge and the Large Natural Bridge and enjoy the shade of the forest or cool off in the water of the river Rak. another half an hour and you will be back in Ljubljana.

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