Spain 1995 – graduation trip

With people from the class, we went to Spain for a graduation trip in May. Our teacher had an obligation as headmaster so we went with tourist guides alone. On our way there we went there by bus. On the border with Italy, me and Klemen were checked. We stopped in Monte Carlo, admiring the wealth we saw there. The next morning we arrived in Figueres, Spain. Most went to Dali’s museum, and few stayed back.

We arrived at our final destination after 24 hours, Lloret de Mar, part of Costa Brava in Catalonia. Srđan joined us. After settling in our rooms it was time for the party. Kids going to bars and to the beach, drinking and smoking.

We had two outings, once to Barcelona 75 km away, I remember mostly Park Güell. The second time it was to a waterpark. I remember the whistle from the guard.

Soon it was all over and we went home by plane (my first flight), Iberia airlines. I had a problem with my ears.

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