The Ramones, Ljubljana, hala Tivoli

The Ramones was one of the bends that created punk and they were coming to Ljubljana. In my high school days, I was into this sort of music. And they were coming to my home town. On the 10th of October, they had a concert in Tivoli. At that time we wouldn’t have money for concerts. So we bought something to drink and went up some stairs from which you could see into the hall.

audio from the Ramones first concert in 1990

It was crowded inside and also at our spot. First came on stage Croatian bend KUD Idijoti and performed with a lot of energy. Some said it was the better part of the concert. Of course, then came Ramones, with better stage equipment, but probably with less energy. After a few songs from their side, I had to leave while it was Monday, and the next day I had school 🙂 One friend from school was inside for the whole concert, I was a bit jellaous.

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