Return from Oslo

Woke at 6 am, half an hour later went to shower and toilet, packed back all things. After breakfast, I checked out. First I drove to Ski jump Holmenkollbakken, stuck in rush hour, it started to snow.

Return from Oslo 1

Moved to the Viking ship museum which is closed until 2025. With one local I spoke about the museum, tired to see through the windows at least one of the ships.

Return from Oslo 2

The last stop with the car was Avis rent a car, had to fuel it before return, 45 €. From there I walked to Adria Caffe to eat ćevapi, a burek with yogurt, and tulumba, 27 €.

Return from Oslo 3

Some more walking around and to the port where I passed the Opera house again and went to the Munch Museum, 16 €. It was a big museum with a lot of empty spaces. I went from top to bottom. Of course, there was Scream painting and other of his works. Also, there were works from other famous painters like Dali, Picasso, Miro, Gauguin …

Return from Oslo 4

Bought some souvenirs (11 €). Waited at the train station, sleepy and eating ice cream, 2 €. Didn’t have the energy to go west to the palace and park. The train was late a few minutes. From the train (31 €) to the airport Torp we moved with the shuttle.

Return from Oslo 5

We were waiting at the airport flight to Zagreb, the flight with Ryanair (Lauda, 38 €) was postponed 1h. We had trouble while boarding, and waited some more time. Onboard they were missing drinks and food. Getting off the plane was a problem, just one stairway was there.

Return from Oslo 6

At Zagreb airport waiting some more for GoOpti (20 €) before a ride home. In Ljubljana walked from the bus station on Dolenjska street and I was in bed, at last, at 3 am.

Return from Oslo 7

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