Palermo Trieste Ljubljana

Again not good sleep. Yogurt and biscuits for breakfast. Checking out took time with the old lady, paying the tourist tax. We walked to the train station. Vending machine for tickets didn’t work, so back to the counter, the ticket price was 5.9€. The train was not too crowded, on our way we had many stations and tunnels before we reached the airport.

Palermo Trieste Ljubljana 1

After security checking, I stopped at duty-free and bought cannoli 3€ a piece. There is no smoking area on this side of security. 45 min wait before boarding. Nothing to report about the flight.

Palermo Trieste Ljubljana 2

On arrival moved to parking lot, where we paid 44€ (billed 4 days for 3 days and 10 min) and after cigarette it was time to drive back home. Špela droped me off at my house around 14h. More or less today was just driving home in different means of transport.

Palermo Trieste Ljubljana 3

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