Restaurant Breg by chefa Jorg Zupan

Life is returning to normal and after half a year I got back together with the company we used to hang out with quite often. We made an appointment for dinner over the week, I just returned from Barbariga that day. The table is reserved for 6 at 19:45 in the newly opened restaurant Breg. The location is on the site of the former Vitez restaurant at Breg 20 in a beautiful ambiance. There was an inn here as early as the 16th century. I came first and waited for the others. Unfortunately, there were only 4 of us.

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While we are deciding what to eat, the boys order Maister IPA beer, and the girls are on wine. The menu is limited, where traditional and seafood ingredients prepared originally predominate. In the end, we were deciding for a long time what to order and because we were not hungry, we started with 3 appetizers: beef tartar, beef tongue (onion, pumpkin oil), and a plate of cheeses (caramel sauce, jam, and fruit). I think we were all satisfied with this.

Breg - predjedi
Breg – appetizer

Main course

Again, we can’t opt for the main course. In the end, I ordered the sea bream fillet and the rest ordered the octopus. The sea bream is grilled fine. I expected fewer bones if it was advertised as a fillet. The fish is placed on traditional chard and next to the cauliflower? For a side dish was pasta with a strong citrus flavor. However, the pasta itself is like small balls of pastry in soup. I tried one piece of octopus, it was soft and nicely grilled. The others complained a bit about the sauce and salinity. There was no room for dessert. As soon as we finished, a storm made us go home.

Restaurant Breg by chefa Jorg Zupan 1
Breg – file sea bream


They try to have a relaxed atmosphere and they were successful in that. The above meal with a drink was € 40 per person. We were united in the opinion that we will come again for an appetizer in the evening when we are not too hungry and hot outside. Unfortunately, the main dishes ran out a bit. In any case, they will have to take care of the sewage, which has been smelled every now and then. The problem may be the proximity of the Ljubljanica, the problem may be low pressure due to the upcoming storm. But as long as this is a problem, it will not be possible to really enjoy the culinary delicacies they offer.

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