Reconciliation – movie

Boško proposes the film Reconciliation at 18:30 in Kino Dvor. The documentary is supposed to have good reviews. I have nothing in the plan and I agree. He buys tickets online for minor complications, € 3.8. After work, I stop at the Pink Elephant and of course order a pad kee mao (€ 6.3). Quick greetings to Gregor and Tede, mention Friday’s Couch Festival and Sunday’s El Classico. We meet Boško an hour earlier and go to the cinema, where we have another beer (€ 3.2) before the show. We debate about trips nearby by bus, train or bike.

At the entrance to the small hall (21 seats) they check the tickets and we have to put on our masks. The seats are not very comfortable. The documentary is a co-production with a Slovenian director who deals with Kanun in Albania and the related blood revenge and forgiveness. It reminds me of a movie I saw recently, The Albanian Virgin. Here, the film crew, as silent observers, try to capture the process of trying to reconcile. The low-budget film serves up some interesting shots. We get some insight into the lives and customs of people who are quite remote and covered in time. What confuses me about the film is that there isn’t some epilogue and different interests involved. But in the end, a good afternoon

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