Open kitchen – no coronavirus # 3

An indicator that life is slowly returning to normal is the re-launch of the Open Kitchen. Still, there are some limitations; fewer stalls, disinfection, and the like, but it is important that they are open again. And this time even twice per week, Thursday and Friday.

odprta kuhna
odprta kuhna

Of course, everyone has their favorite. For me, it’s Suki (€ 5.5) at Roza slon and Tak beer (€ 4.4) from Bevog. Otherwise, they only worked until 8 pm today, but they are open until 10 pm tomorrow. For me, the Open Kitchen is a place where I meet plenty of friends and acquaintances. And at the same time, I can grab something to eat and drink. In my estimation, it was about 30% -40% of the visitors compared to last seasons. As a visitor, I even like it because it’s not too crowded. I hope it brings enough money to the owners.

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming Open Kitchens 😉

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