Luxury 5 star hotels on 4 continents

5-star hotels (*) are considered places of prestige and luxury. This is actually the highest possible rating of the hotel, although for marketing purposes we also have 7 stars today. We would expect all hotels in a particular category to offer the same level of service. However, this is not the case. The number of stars means what they offer you in addition to the bed in the room. The set of these amenities varies between countries, but some general guidelines still remain. Slovenia is part of the European organization Hotelstars, which unifies the rules for 17 European countries. Below I describe my experience in hotels of this category on four different continents.

Intercontinental, Abu Soma, Egypt, Afrika, 2007

room in hotel abu soma, egypt
room in hotel abu soma, egypt

My first experience with 5 * hotel was in Egypt. The hotel itself is located between Hurghada and Safaga. The location of the hotel was isolated so it was peaceful. The hotel was built a year earlier and was part of the Intercontinental chain (today it is no longer part of that chain). The hotel equipment was new, maybe a bit kitschy. The food was delicious, but most had indigestion. Despite the fact that this was my first experience of such luxury, I slept two nights on the bus in one week because my restless spirit did not give me peace to just lie down and enjoy (Egypt).

Kempinski, Portorož, Slovenia, Europa, 2013


I was at a conference in Portorož for the first time in 2008, but I did not sleep there. 5 years later I was on business in Portorož again, this time I also slept in a hotel. The hotel is located in the old Palace Hotel building with an extension. The equipment there was of superior quality. I was also delighted with dinner. The staff was at the expected level.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Asia, 2014

infinity pool, marina bay sands, singapore
infinity pool, marina bay sands, singapore

We also stopped in Singapore on our trip to Southeast Asia. We spent the night at a hotel that is a landmark in the city. The quality of the Marina Bay Sands hotel differs from anything I have experienced otherwise in Asia. But also in general, Singapore is an orderly point in the chaos of Asia. The quality of the hotel was top. A minor note is to the staff who were slow. The highlight is the infinity pool on the roof of the hotel.

Eusrostar, Panama City, Panama, Amerika, 2018

panama, 5 star hotel roof pool
panama, 5 star hotel roof pool

After we were in San Blas in a Robinson-style accommodation we wanted a little comfort and took a room at the Eurostar hotel. After a long time, we again had a hot water shower, a comfortable bed, a rooftop pool. Still, the hotel was missing a little bit of everywhere. So I was a bit disappointed with the quality.

Intercontinental, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe, 2021

bazen, intercontinental
pool, intercontinental

I was on holiday, the weather was bad and an unused € 200 voucher was waiting for me. So I decided to visit a five-star hotel in my hometown, Intercontinental. I definitely have to compliment the view of the city and the huge tub in the bathroom. However, there are some minor shortcomings, an empty minibar, an inaccurate clock, staff who do not speak good English or Slovenian.

River hotel, Firenze, Toscana, Italy, Europe, 2021

Luxury 5 star hotels on 4 continents 1
River hotel Firenze

On my week-long trip to Italy, I also stopped in Firenze. After a lot of movement, I choose a more comfortable hotel. River Hotel is located next to Arno river, on the southeast edge of the city center. It was a bit over 100 €. It had all the comfort this kind of venue require. Interior was in black and white, good bed, large bathroom with all amenities. The view was of the courtyard and not the river while I took the cheapest room. Personel was very helpful in my search of the phone.

Chateaux Otočec hotel, Otočec, Slovenia, Europe 2021

hotel grad Chateaux Otočec sign
hotel grad Chateaux Otočec sign

I chose this hotel to spend a COVID voucher and accepted the price of 200 €. Chateaux Otočec is a hotel in a medieval castle on a river island. This location puts it on the top of the list. Also, we had included a Michelin plate dinner with great wine. The personnel there was professional and at the same time very helpful. Just walking inside these historical walls or around the island in the mist was an experience by itself. Maybe the equipment was not the best I have seen so far, and the bathroom design could be improved. But nonetheless, if you can afford to stay at this place I would recommend it.

Corniche hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Asia, 2022

Corniche hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, bližnji vzhpd
Corniche hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, bližnji vzhpd

On my trip to Middle East I was many times in Abuu Dhabi because it is hub for Wizzair flights. I tried there different categories of accomodation. Among them was also 5* hotel Corniche. It was not too expensive, 112 € comparing to other possibilities. It had all amneties this type of hotel sjould have. I had choice room for smokers with a view or nonsmoking room without view. Of course I chose view.

Lake Palace, Baku, Azerbaijan, Asia, 2023

Lake Palace, Baku
Lake Palace, Baku

Hotel had all need for 5 stars, but all things were bit off, cleaness, room size, equipment. I would put it with solid 3 star hotel by the price I paid, less than 30 €. So in general I didn’t expect to much and was not disapointed. I got what I paid for in Baku as expensive city more than expected.

My ranking

  1. Chateaux Otočec hotel – good quality, top location (castle experience), great food, helpful personel
  2. Marina Bay Sands Singapore – top quality, the infinity pool experience is great, personnel not best
  3. Kempinski Portorož – top quality, beautiful location
  4. River hotel, Firenze – good quality, good location, bad view, helpful personel
  5. Intercontinental Egypt – good quality, new kitschy equipment, big poo
  6. Intercontinental Ljubljana – good quality, new equipment, great view, small mistakes
  7. Lake Palac, baku – bad quality but very cheap so not worst experience
  8. Corniche hotel, Abu Dhabi – good quality, nice view, smokers room
  9. Eurostar Panama city – poor quality, not clean, all equipment worn, rooftop pool

There is definitely a huge difference between 5 * hotels. It is probably related to the development of the country. The more developed the country, the higher the standard for obtaining these stars are. Before booking such a hotel, check the comments of people who have already visited these hotels. Having in mind what has been said so far, I suggest that if you have the opportunity to stay in such a hotel, take the chance. I agree that it is necessary to cover the widest possible spectrum and thus also sleep in a room for $ 3. Whatever you choose on your journey I hope it leaves you with a positive experience.

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