Hapé ceremony ritual

Gregor invited me to join him and Teja to Hapé ceremony ritual aka Rapé. I didn’t have any idea what it was but why not to try it. I was instructed not to eat 3 hourse before, to bring some tissues, bottle of water, bucket and something to sit on. So we meet at 19h and went to hall at Tabor hostel. On entrance we were smoked with some insences. I got almost all needed things, Gregor broght foldable chair for me. Later I found full sized chair that was better for my back.

Hape ritual
Hape ritual

After we all settled there was introduction by two Indians from Amazon in native clothing and explenation about ritual itslef. Interesting communication between Portugese, English and Slovene. So, Hape ritual is for them medicianal and spiritual ritual that cleans and stregthen their minds and bodies. Applying this Hape powder (mapacho tobacco, ashes from tree/bark and herbs/leaves/flowers – different blends) is interesting:

  • You sit across thi shaman.
  • He takes applicator (Tepi), fill it with powder.
  • You stuck one end into one of your nostrils and on other side he blows.
  • It is repited for other nostrile.

Each person had different reaction, on some more experienced you didn’t see any difference, some of us got watery eyes and later leaking from nose, other had cough and spit excesive saliva and most extreme was some vomiting.

Hape ritual
Hape ritual

Now it was time to relex, they sung and played instruments (guitar and drums), some participants would dance. Sacred word Haux (2x) or Viva would be used a lot. Then it was time for second application of Hepa, this one was stronger and again time for all to relex on their oun terms with musinc and singing in back. Sanaga drops were than applied to our eyes, that realy stung. Agin, something that would cleans you. We ended with some group snake dance and prayer.

For me it was interesting experience. But not even close powerful as for others, ie some claimd visons. Also phisical experiense was not that potent. My eyes were watery and my nose run a little. Sensation was bit strong then with tobacco snuff. OK, I done it, paid 40 €, but wouldn’t repeat it. Maybe in Amazon jungle. They were selling some colorful handcrafts, but I didn’t like prices. For weekend they promoted Kambo and Ayahuasca ceremony, but those sounded more pshicadelic. I accompanied Gregor and Teja then went home with taxi.

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