Restaurant Martinšek Ljubljana

Restaurant Martinšek was next in line to try during lunch break. Again it is just across the street (Kolodvorska ulica 9, week days 10:30–14:00). This is self-service canteen located in basement open just for lunch time. On menu you can find dishes like vampi, goulash, steak, fish, jota. You can combine main dish with different side dishes and salads.

Restaurant Martinšek Ljubljana 1
Daily menu

I ordered beef goulash (5.4 €) with polenta (1.6 €) and dandelion in salad (4.9 €, expensive but didn’t had it in long time). Service at counter was chatty. I sat at one of empty tables, basic equipment. Meat was tendet, polenta was average and dandelion was nice experience after some time.

Restaurant Martinšek Ljubljana 2

So for this place you will decide if you are looking for cheaper option of traditional meals.

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