NOFX in Ljubljana

NOFX was on their last tour and I was late to buy tickets. But on the last day I found one ticket online, 70 €. I went to the train station to pick it up. Next, I went with Uroš to SEM to meet Tone for a drink. Memories as coworkers 25 years ago in MAOP. Uroš droped me at Cvetličarna. It was too early so I went to Hofer to buy a drink. In front of Cvetličarna gathered a crowd from all over Europe. Joined Rado and his crew. Monika was at the entrance.

We were drinking and smoking in the rain. There were three bands before NOFX (DFL, The Last Gang in Circle Jerks) building up the energy. Slowly the venue was filled with people, some 3000 fans. When Fat Mile and others came on stage things were already a bit chaotic, beer flying around …  but energy was good. The last words before they started were: Get ready for big disappointment They played 32 songs from 15 albums and 40 years of career. After 2 hours including the encore, it was all over. On exit, I met Jupi. He drove me home and we had time to chat.


Dinosaurs Will Die
Stickin’ in My Eye
Murder the Government
Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
72 Hookers
Quart in Session
All Outta Angst
Six Years on Dope
Idiots Are Taking Over
Eat the Meek
180 Degrees
I Love You More Than I Hate Me
Fuck the Kids
Juice Head
Hobophobic (Scared of Bums)
Monosyllabic Girl
I’m Telling Tim
Instant Crassic
Can’t Get the Stink Out
See Her Pee
I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
Fuck the Kids (Part I)
Soul Doubt
Bottles to the Ground

Perfect Government
Franco Un-American
Kill All the White Man
The Decline

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