Perpetuum Jazzile in Križanke

After work, I went home to eat something, relax a bit, and moved to Daktari to meet Svena and Gregor. After one drink and catching up, I walked to Križanke for a concert by Perpetum Jazzile. Finally to hear them live after 40 years of their existence. On my way to the seat, I saw Peter and his girlfriend. There was some seat mixup. I didn’t choose the best seat as I taught. It was centrally positioned in the back. But technicians were just in front of me and covered the right side of the stage. Women in front of me moved with her chair.

Perpetuum Jazzile is a chorus with up to 50 members. With just their voices (a capella) they perform a wide range of songs (folk, jazz, pop, rock, pop, etno, classical, Slovenian, …). They enrich the experience with choreography, human beatbox, and solo performance, including the crowd, …

They opened with Dawn of Men from Kubrick’s 2001:Space Odyssey and continued with David Bowie’s Space Oddity. From there on, many songs we heard (Toto’s Africa, Poletje v školjki, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, finishing with Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson…). After 2 hours they would gradually leave the stage and people would farewell them with standing ovations.

After the concert, I went to Fužine for a beer, Bordo bar anniversary organized by Anita.

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