Flood the square 3.6.2014

There have been catastrophic floods in the countries of the former Commonwealth. That is why the City of Ljubljana organized a charity concert. More than 40 performers from the region gathered and waived their fees altogether. The ticket was only 10 EUR, where you still had free LPP transport around Ljubljana. It was also possible to bring material aid, where it was put on trucks or donated via SMS, and a concert with a bank account for remittances was broadcast on RTVSLO. The campaign is expected to raise almost € 200,000 and 6 tons of necessities / food aid.


Tuesday afternoon began shyly at 5pm when a couple of drops fell, but the rhythm intensified and the concert turned into an energetic and nostalgic evening in the crowded square. The large crowd of performers represents a logistical challenge and may not be a top performance, but the 10,000-strong crowd was not bothered by this, mainly because it was a charity event. The program was connected by Ula Furlan and Boštjan Kljun, a bit unplayable. Our company also joined a bit later and enjoyed the famous music. One of the moments I remembered was the entry of Mayor Zoran Janković during the musicians’ performances. Danijela was already used to it, and Severina just didn’t know what to do. The celebration lasted until midnight.

Alphabetical list of performers

Alenka Godec, Alya, Anja Rupel, Cover Lover, Crvena Jabuka, Dan D, Danijela, Divlje Jagode, Društvo Mrtvih Pesnikov, Gadi, Gibonni, Grega Skočir, Halid Bešlić, Hamo&Tribute2Love, Hari Mata Hari, Kemal Monteno, Kingston, Lepa Brena, Mambo Kings, Manouche, Massimo, Miro Todosovski, Mladi Dolenjci, Muff, Neisha, Nermin Puškar, Nude, Nuša Derenda, Omar Naber, Petar Grašo, Pop Design, Rock Partyzani, Rok’n’Band, Samuel Lucas, Sausages, Severina, Tinkara Kovač, Tomi M, Trkaj, Vlado Kreslin & Mali Bogovi in Zlatko

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