14.12.2018 – DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV VS S. A. R. S.

On Friday, December 14, 2018, DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV and S. A. R. S. met in the Stožice arena. As part of the 12th RITEM MLADOSTI festival organized by Collegium Mondial Travel and Hitradio Antena, the two bands performed in the RED BULL MUSIC SOUNDCLASH format. The first such concert was held in 2006. Here, both bands are on stage at the same time, standing on opposite sides of the hall, with the audience in between. They replay their pieces, pieces from another band, something local, and in the end they play together. The audience rewards better performances with louder applause.

For a start, we met at Katka’s place in Prulah, there is also Marija. There we met about an hour before we drove to the hall by taxi. We were in Stožice a little after 9 pm. We moved to our seats, which are high in the stands, we are no longer so young. The ticket was around € 20? This year’s Rhythm of Youth, in addition to the main actors, also presents Tabo (20 years of operation) and Zablujena generacija, and hosts Magnifico and Shamso 69 from the group Brkovi, Trkaj, Urban Pulz, Fat Buttlers and DJ Dey. Klemen Bučan is trying to connect all this.

I myself am a big fan of music from both groups. The Bosnian Dubioza Kolektiv is definitely in the lead here, probably because of the melody and energy. Very insightful and socially critical texts are presented here in an energetic way. S.A.R.S. as a representative of the Serbian wave, is not far behind. Equally strong lyrics in a slightly lower energy performance. There were a total of 7 rounds, where the two groups took turns interpreting the hits of both groups, in alternative performance and cross-playing, there are also Slovenian pop and rock classics. The highlight is the last round where together in the middle of the ground floor the frontmen play their most representative hits Perspektiva and Kokuz.

Definitely the idea was very promising. However, I myself was not too impressed. Maybe the position in the stands did not take the right atmosphere. Bučan was not my best choice for the role. There are constant pauses in between. It’s interesting to hear an adaptation of a piece performed by an opposing band, but that’s (almost) never better than the original. I lost my enthusiasm here and went out for cigarettes and beer during breaks. With each break, I was less drawn back. Here I neglected the girls who were with me. I end up in the Box bar …


Round 1:

Dubioza Kolektiv intro
Volio BiH

Round 2:

Rijaliti (with Miha Debevec)

Round 3:

Buđav lebac (S.A.R.S. cover) (with S.A.R.S.)
Firma ilegal (with S.A.R.S.)

Round 4:

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover)
Zarjavele trobente (Lačni Franz cover)

Round 5:

Boom! (Džambo Aguševi Orchestra)
Himna generacije (with Magnifico)

Round 6:

No Escape (from Balkan)

Last round:

Kokuz (poleg še Žarko Kovačević & Sanja Lalić)

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