Magnifico – 25.12.2018 – Stožice

Magnifico again had a concert for christmas. However, this time he made the leap and used the biggest stage in Slovenia, Stožice. We have been deciding with the friends for too long, if we would go to this concert. The tickets were sold out very fast, some found through connection ticket on ground flor for themselves. Katka, Marija and I only go tickets in the stands.

Magnifico has been entertaining on the scene for a quarter of a century. As soon as he appeared in a red dress, he showed off his persona. He communicated nicely with the audience during the concert. It opened with the song 24000 poljubov. From there it continues with Mešaj. iThink continues in the Balkan rhythm of broken English. Pismo Kumu (Rambo Rambo) continues in the same tone, alluding to the poem Ramo, Ramo by Serbezovski. Evo me narode, Hir Aj Kam Hir Aj Go, Zum Zum, Ubit ču te ja. For a moment, she returns to the older pieces with the song Ljubljana – Portorož, where he brought two backing vocalists in costume. From there, there are Cici Mici, Mustafa, Tivoli, Gdo je čefur, Cvetje v jeseni, Gospod, težko sem ponižen, Revolution is my solution. Silvia is a song we had in college for the anthem. After In ko enkrat bom umrl followed by Lahko ti podarim samo ljubezen, which he wrote for Sestre, the piece is a bit off. Finished with Hello Miss. On the encore he sang Samo malo, Ti si moja ljubezen, Pastirče mlado and Pukni Zoro. After the presentation of an extensive backing band, Avanti Popolo was for the end.

Magnifico – Stožice 2018 – cel oncert

Nevertheless, I left the concert a little disappointed. I understand that Magnifico wanted to jump to a bigger stage. However, I think he works better in a smaller, more private, home environment. It probably contributed to this feeling that we were far away in the stands. One of the major downsides, however, was the rotation of commercials for a particular car. If I already paid you for the concert, don’t air commercials. The boss just before retirement said he was going to the next concert in 2019. It was the signal and I decided to give up his Christmas concerts for a while.

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