Bare and Majke in Arena Zagreb

I saw tickets in April and bought two, 20 € a piece. That was music from my youth. The concert was in September. A few days before the concert it was postponed to December because of problems with the venue and moved to Arena Zagreb from Dražen Petrović Hall.

Bare and Majke in Arena Zagreb 1

Tedej canceled me so cousin Kenan jumped in. After work, I packed for a trip that followed the concert and took off. Problems on the road, heavy traffic on the ring, tried to avoid it over the local road. Then an accident on Višnja gora and again a local road over the hill. At the border, I chose a small crossing and back roads to the venue. After 2.5 hours I arrived, double the time.

Now I had some time to spend because my cousin also had traffic issues during the holiday season. I went to the mall toilet. We sat for a beer for 4€ before entering and talked about current topics in our lives.

We moved inside around 9 pm, and Donkey Hot was still on. I remember an energetic and tall singer with a toilet on his head. After they finished it took some time to prepare the stage for the next act.

Bare appeared with a bend around 10 pm. Started with slower songs and moved to well-known hits halfway through the concert. Fans reacted well to his performance, full of pain. After 1.5 hours they finished and returned to encore with 4 songs and then one more, 2-hour-long concert altogether.

Slowly we moved to the car and smoked cigarettes so the crowd would clear out. Now I took him home and it was time for me to continue my trip.


• Rođen za suze
• Ljubav krvari
• Krvarim od dosade
• Fantastična vatra
• Odvedi me
• Zašto?
• Mršavi pas
• Depresija
• Skarabej go-go
• Put ka sreći
• Budi ponosan
• Iz sve snage
• Teške boje
• Vrijeme je da se krene
• Mene ne zanima
• Ja sam budućnost
• Noćas prelazim rijeke
• A ti još plačeš
• Grešnik
• Daj mi
• Zato te volim, volim, volim
Encore 2
• Sunce više ne izlazi

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