Zagreb to Budapest to Baku

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 1

After the concert I dropped my cousin at home and around 00:30 I headed towards Budapest airport. First to another part of Zagreb that was not empty. On my way toward Varaždin, I got into a heavy fog, not a nice feeling. A quick stop at the gas station was 33 €.

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 2

I quickly crossed into Hungary, vignette 14.5 € for 10 days. After one hour it started to rain. I got sleepy, stopped for a homemade sandwich, Red Bull, and cigarette, and stretched my legs. Soon it started to snow, heavily. Also, the signal light worked sporadically. I slowed down and it was now more adrenalin rush so I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

At the airport, I searched for parking reserved online, 47 € for 8 days. I rushed to the terminal and forgot food in the car but I was early at the gates. Then we were late with the flight, with some baggage problems. It was time to fly with Wizzair 150 €. But we waited on the plane for an un-iceing procedure. Flight average, attendants were bitchy.

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 3

On arrival, we landed at Terminal 2. I had to walk to Terminal 1 for ATM and sim card 45 AZM. Bought beer for 6 AZM and a public transport card for 4 AZM. Waited 45 min for the bus to the city, 1.3 AZM. Took more than an hour. Bought Marlboro cigarettes, 10 AZN. From the main train station, I walked to the hotel, 2 nights for 80 AZM for a private room. It was more of a hostel with private rooms, no windows, and humid.

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 4

After I dozed off for 2 hours I went into the city. At the shop water and biscuits, 1.6 AZN then a shwarma sandwich with beef 5 AZN, no garnish, and spicy. The Center was full of people and lights. Around 10 pm wind started blowing, nasty. Around midnight streets got empty. Entrance to club 10 AZN, Heineken 13 AZN. One more sandwich, 2.5 AZN.

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 5

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