Bajaga in Križanke

I met Alenka in the evening on Friday. After 4 years we are back to Bajaga concert in Križanke. Only this time we didn’t went inside, but sat outside on the bench and had a drink. Lojze appeared from somewhere and spoke as only he can. The concert faded a little into the background. In the meantime, Tjaša called me and brought me sneakers and borrowed some money.

Otherwise, Bajaga celebrated 30 years on this tour. He had a bunch of guests with him, including Magnifico and Lad Leskovar and Slaviša Stojanovič. Even though we were sitting outside and the sound was far from ideal, Momčilo sounded a bit loud. And of course, there are all the evergreen hits in the repertoire; “Plavi safir”, “Muzika na struju”, “Tamara”, “S one strane jastuka”… Those who went inside paid €19 or €22 for a ticket.

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