Divanhana – Kino Šiška 24.4.2019

I noticed that Divanhana was coming to Ljubljana. This is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina that performs traditional music in a new way – neo sevdah. They will present their first author’s piece Zova at Kino Šiška. There is also a new singer, Šejla Grgić – an academic musician. Other members are Neven Tunjić on piano, Nedžad Mušović on accordion, Azur Imamović on bass guitar, Rifet Čamdžić on drums and Irfan Tahirović on percussion. The concert was on Wednesday, April 29, 2019 at 8 pm in the Cathedral Hall in Kino Šiška. The ticket was € 14 and in advance € 12.

I arrived at the stated time. Here are, in fact, songs performed in traditional form and in their own unique way. Somewhere in the middle of the concert, the audience relaxed themselves and there were fewer and fewer listeners who remained seated. The singer has a wonderful voice, the band communicates well with the audience. They end the concert with the song S one strane Plive, which is a very special song for me. After the concert, I meet Medo, whom I probably haven’t seen since the U2 concert in Sarajevo. I joined him and his brother, we had a drink together. After a while, a member of the band Nedžad was also at our table. We sat until almost midnight. It was a wonderful evening of Bosnian sevdah and socializing.

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