Lenny Kravitz in Ljubljana’s Stožice on 2019/4/27

Zasledim objavo od Nane na FB za prodajo 2 kartiza koncet Lennyja. Prvo jo opozorim, od na sliki skrije barkodo, ker ji lahko kdo ukrade karto na ta način. Kmalu se premislim in ji sporočim, od bi kar sam vzel karti. Sicer nisem vedel s kom bom šel, a vseeno me veže dost spominov nanjega; prvi je najbrž K4, Dejan in Mr. Cabist v začetku 90-ih. Na koncu se Alenka odloči, da se mi bo pridružila. V soboto pred dvorano nekaj pojev, dokler čakava na Nano. Po prevzemu kart (45 €?) Vzamema še pivo in coca cola, kot da zmeša dizel. Ni lepo ispadlo, kazen je bila čudna, a ssva vseeno spila.

Lenny Kravitz in Ljubljana's Stožice on 2019/4/27 1

Lenny has been combining blues, funk and rock on stage for the last 3 decades. He was in Ljubljana for the first time in 2009 at Plečnik’s stadium, and everyone criticized the sound there. He should have come for the second time in 2009, but this concert is canceled due to illness. The third time we hoped it would be better while the European part of the tour started here. We slowly moved to the full hall, the seats we got are far away. We skipped the local pre-group (Seven Days in May).

Lenny Kravitz in Ljubljana's Stožice on 2019/4/27 2
Lenny Kravitz, Stožice

Lenny opens his performance with Here To Love. where he indicates that he will animate the audience with politcally engaged texts. In addition, the accompanying performers are great, and the stage looks great. Lenny really creates a great atmosphere with his voice and energy. In my opinion, the audience was still a bit reserved. The performances of American women and Get up, stand up raise the rhythm a bit. Probably the audience really relaxed with It Ain’t Over ’Til It’s Over. The song Mr. Cab Driver he announced with We’re gonna go back to 1989 and deal with some good old racism. This was probably the highlight of the concert for me. In between, he joined the audience twice. He concluded the concert with Fly Away and Are You Gonna Go My Way, which puts the crowd into ecstasy. On the encore, he switched to a more romantic mood with Stillness of Heart and as the last Again.

Mr Cab driver

As I got the ticket by chance and a friend joined me by another chance, the experience was more than great. Nostalgia would drag me through the concert even at a worse performance, but Lenny and his energy were more than worth a visit in just over two hours long concert.

Setlist for concert of Lenny Kravitz 2019/4/27 – Stožice

Here to Love
We Can Get It All Together
Fields of Joy (First live performance since 2012)
American Woman (The Guess Who cover)
Get Up, Stand Up (The Wailers cover)
Who Really Are the Monsters? (Live debut)
Bring It On
Dig In
Freedom Train (First live performance since 2009)
Let Love Rule
It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
Stand By My Woman
Can’t Get You Off My Mind
Ride (Live debut)
Mr. Cab Driver
Bank Robber Man (First live performance since 2002)
Fly Away
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Followed by introducing the touring band and singing the chorus of Love Revolution)
Stillness of Heart (First live performance since 2012)

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