Barcelona 6.-8.4.2019

For Nagla’s 40 birthday we prepared him a surprise with his wife-to-be. We arrive at their home at 4:30 AM and woke him up. We gave him time to go to the bathroom, drink coffee, and get dressed before leaving the apartment. He was confused and before he got to ask too many questions he was packed and sitting in the car. On our way to Venice airport, he was trying to guess where we are going. A few times he got close and at the airport he got it, we are going to Barcelona to see the game Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona 6.-8.4.2019 1
woke him up

At the airport, all the checks went true, met some people I knew there. After 2 hours flight, we were at EL Prat, then we moved to the city and the apartment we rented over AirBNB. In the evening we moved toward Camp Nou. It was an intense game, but Costa got a red card early on (28′). From that time on Barcelona was dominating the game. They created many chances and Oblak got to save 9 shots. But in the last 10 minutes, Atletico collapsed. First Suarez scored in 84′ and 2 minutes later also Messi scored. It was a thrilling experience to see this match live. Great fans, almost 100.000 of them chanting through the entire game. After the game, we went for a few drinks.

The next morning we went around town, first up to Mont Juic, from there towards the old town, sat in few places for a drink (Josif bar), there was even some rain. In the evening we returned home. The last day after breakfast we went again to Camp Nou, to shop for some souvenirs. From there we moved to the airport, flight to Venice, and drove back to Ljubljana.

Barcelona 6.-8.4.2019 2

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