On road to Budapest

After 4h sleep I finished my packing I went to the bathroom, eat some breakfast and was off to the train station. Sister was my ride. I traveled by ride-sharing, ride (Volvo caravan) costing me 25€ (few € more than the train but in half time). The driver was a bit late (10:15), enough to meet other passengers, an Australian couple. The ride was no excitement, especially after the border it was dull, tried to get some sleep without luck. On way, we stopped for gas and once more to buy a vignette. The most interesting part was talking to the driver. He had some interesting stories, from son in Budapest to making guitars and coaching swimming. In Budapest, it was of course busy. After a few ideas for drop off, we didn’t go to Tjaša’s job but he left me in the center.

Meeting Tjaša

I was some 20 minutes away from Kiraly address, so on my way, I ate a home-made sandwich and smoked a cigarette. Finally, I met with Tjaša around 15h. After seeing her apartment and giving some gift we crossed the street to my lodge for 2 nights. I was staying at Simon’s place who rents on Airbnb rooms in his flat. I brought him pelinkovac as a gift, he went shopping to buy shot glasses and we had a few rounds, smoking on the balcony, having a nice chat. Tjaša was tired from the week and went back across the street.


Simon invited me to join him and his friend Roger, they were going to an art exhibition. It was an interesting ride, making U-turn on 4 lane avenue crossing over bumps in the middle and hitting some Christmas trees when parking in old Mercedes. When we came to supposed address it was an apartment building. After the call we were explained that the exhibition is on the 3rd floor. The main idea was to recreate exhibition from the 80’s when under oppressive government artists wouldn’t get space for their exhibitions. Today their regime is going in that direction, opinion of students preparing the exhibition. There we eat something close to chili con carne from plastic plates and drinking some red wine, smoking on the balcony. Some interesting conversation developed with one guy from Belgrade and other from Vojvodina; about art, British humor, Yugoslavia. After we searched for a bar and one more beer. There was bigger group and more art talk, about Ludwig museum and what is wrong there, what were crucial points for modern art, Fountain (Duchamp), Black Cross (Malevich). Landlord paid for my beer, while they didn’t take cards. After the ride home, I ate two sandwiches and went to bed really tired.

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