Budapest #2

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I woke up early, but while I was on holiday I awarded myself some extra sleep, having some strange dreams. After getting up had some talks about Simon’s business idea. It was then time to go with Tjaša to a nearby market. Found out which butcher is best and where she gets extra dairy products. Also where to buy the best avocado I learned. On return to the apartment she put on an apron and was ready for some chores, doing laundry and cutting meat. In the afternoon we walked to the center in cold weather, had a nice lunch in a restaurant with an interesting interior. I tried goulash soup (not same as gulaš in Balkans) and duck with spinach risotto. Portions were huge so both meals were too much. Together with some wine for both, it was 8.000 HUF. On the way back we passed two Christmas markets, I bought souvenirs, 1500 HUF. Next square had live music. Saw the Chain bridge on way to Parliament. We took a bus home, on the way we stopped in the shop to buy drinks for the party. I went to my Airbnb and paid room to Simon, 36 € for 2 nights, even I didn’t use the room for the second night.


Back to Tjaša where her roommate was dying her hair. Party stated later (Slava, Oleana, Jan, Asan, Timi – international group), I brought homemade cookies, we had beer and wine. As for music, there was a late Esma, some Balkan pop-rock, some Spanish songs. Party ended around 1 AM, so before my shuttle to airport at 3:10 (miniBUD 14 €). I went for a few beers and palinka (6000 HUF), not to bed. When I come to pick luggage at Simon’s place there was French guy vomiting in the bathroom. On the way to the airport, we stopped on a few points. In the last one, the driver didn’t want to pick up one group and left them at the hotel. In the airport, I had a conversation with some Italian businessman, smoked a few cigarettes and had beer 1000 HUF. The boarding process was like cattle being taken to the slaughterhouse and finally we got on an airplane (Wizzair 30 €).

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