Baku to Minsk

Slow morning, late wake up, breakfast, bathroom, packing. Shop on way to city 5 azm.

Baku to Minsk 1

First I searched for cable, 14 azn. Again to the old town and uphill to cemetery, Russian, Azer, war graves.

Baku to Minsk 2

With metro, 0.4 azm to Alijev mosque, yellow outside, white inside, nice view from the hill. Again metro to the main train station. From there the bus, 1.3 AZM, to the airport, waited one hour, ride one hour.

Baku to Minsk 3

At the airport to T1, check in then security and one hour of waiting, quick boarding, the seat across the aisle is taken by a lady with a barking dog. Plane old, not full, average food, medium turbulence.

Baku to Minsk 4

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