Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo

Party night before was quite hard. Good thing that I ordered a wake-up service. Otherwise, we would miss our ride.

Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo 1

We collected laundry, I went through rain twice to shop for gifts and for water. We got some t-shirts from the hostel entertainment manager. First, it was a van to the border, there was a Polish couple with two small kids living in the UK. Crossing border in mud and rain, Cambodia side almost hour, Thai side probably half. On the other side, we had a problem finding a bus to Sa Kaeo. At KFC we got internet access. We moved to a local station and 2-row to the main bus station.

Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo 2

There we found a bus and we had to wait for 30m. On the bus there was an empty row, I got some sleep. We were stopping a lot on way.

Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo 3

On arrival, Nan’s parents picked us up and took us to the house they let it just for us. We had some drinks (rum with soda) and then great dinner (Tom yum hot pot, some chicken and other tasty stuff). Drinks we brought with us and at the restaurant, they served it to us. Before going to bed some more drinks and talk with Aran.

Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo 4

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