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Country in souteast Asia



angkor wat lake, cambodia

Thailand – Lao – Cambodia 2017

Another record of my travel, mainly written for me to have some reminders. If somebody finds it amusing or informative than even better. I’ll start with a summary of the whole trip and after...

dinner in Sa Kaeo, Thailand

Siem Reap-Sa Kaeo

Party night before was quite hard. Good thing that I ordered a wake-up service. Otherwise, we would miss our ride. We collected laundry, I went through rain twice to shop for gifts and for...

angkor wat, cambodia

Angkor Wat

After waking at 8 AM we had a whole day trip with a tuk-tuk (20$) to Angkor Wat (37$), beside the main temple we saw S gate, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm temple, tried to...

road to siam reap, cambodia

Pakse-Siem Reap

We woke at 6 AM after a few hours of sleep. We thought about visiting 4.000 lakes, but some Ozzie said nothing interesting for a day so we changed the plan and took another...