We fell asleep on a train. Somewhere in between, they woke us up while we were in reserved seats. We moved to another compartment in next wagon. Fell asleep again and when conductor woke us up we found out that we are not on train to Krakow but to Warsaw. This happened when we changed wagon. So we paid extra 25 € and continued. So at 6 AM we saw first sign Warsaw and went out of the train.


It was a mistake, we were at the small west station. So in the morning cold with a bit of hangover, we tried to find out how to go to the main station. The clerk at the station didn’t speak English, we didn’t have Polish Zlots, the card was not working. After half an hour we found a student that pointed us to the bus station where we exchanged money (60 € for 274 PLN). The short train ride to the main station (4 PLN). There we bought tickets to Krakow (48 PLN). While we had few hours to wait we went out, but it was cold and we didn’t like what we see so we went back to the station for tea (7 PLN) and later some beer (5 PLN).

train to krakow
train to poland

On 2h ride to Krakow, we meet Mariusz, truck driver that spoke Italian. Later joined us student Bartek that spoke about engagement. We enjoyed together some beer and wine. On arrival, we changed more money (100 € for 450 PLN). The whole group continued to students bar White house (beer 4,5 PLN). Also, Nikolas joined us, quiet guy. So around 20:30 it was enough and we went by taxi to Yellow hostel (150 PLN) close to National Museum. I had a long phone call back home. After some homemade sandwiches, we fell asleep.

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