Sa Kaeo-Bangkok

The next morning we woke up, packed, and watched some TV while waiting for Aran and Emorn.

Sa Kaeo-Bangkok 1

They took us for a big breakfast (duck, meat, noodles, rice).

Sa Kaeo-Bangkok 2

Next, we went searching for SIM (200 THB) and succeeded after the second try where I had to show my passport. Next, they took us to their home and we sit with Aran at his workshop, had a beer, Emorn brought some papaya.

Sa Kaeo-Bangkok 3

It was time to leave so they took us to the bus station, we said goodbye and went to Bangkok. There we arrived at the bus station in the east part of town. So to cross the whole town to other stations, we asked around, they suggested 511 bus, some Ozzie tried also to help, but in the end, was one local gentleman in the pension came to save us. So first we took Skytrain, followed by a taxi, a gentleman even took us to the correct agency at the station and didn’t want anything in return for his help. In the shop, we bought some water and chips, after some waiting it was time to leave with a VIP night bus to Krabi. The bus was OK, with good service and a lot of things provided. During the night we stopped once so we stretched legs a bit.

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