We arrived to Salalah around 7 am, after 13 h drive I was tired and with back pain. I walked around, ate chicken burger, .5 omr. Later I found a bench in park and relexed there. Some more walking was in front of me to airbnb place, couldnt find it. I went for a coffe, 1.5 omr.

Salalah 1

Owner contacted me, I was at wrong address, more walking and taxi, 2 omr. Finally I arrived to this shabby place. I talked to owner and extend stay to 3 nights, 20 omr. There was basic setting of place. Took owner as guid in town, 5 omr.

Salalah 2

He took me first to restaurant, I had camel staw, 1.5 omr. We drove outside city to spring and view point. On our way back to city, on rout we stopped for kunafa dessert, 1 omr.

Salalah 3

Last was museum and old ruins by the beach, no descriptions there, 2 omr for both, but there was great sunset.

Salalah 4

In city we found and coffe shop, .2 omr and shawarma for 1 omr. From there we returned tired to room. After shower I went to bed and watched Netflix. During night some people outside woke me up.

Salalah 5

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