Chutty’s – asian restaurant

Chutty’s is a chain of Asian cuisine restaurants. They started with Thai food and expanded their offer to Asian food in 10 years. Today they are located in seven locations. There is quite a similar offer in Ljubljana, and I have only now decided to visit them. After work, I walked to the location at Slovenian street no 19th. They have a nice interior, and they also have a couple of tables in the garden. Because it’s fresh, I sat inside. The friendly waitress explained to me what they offer.

Chutty's - asian restaurant 1
Massaman curry

I decided to try the Massaman curry – a traditional Thai curry made from coconut milk, chicken, onions, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and peanuts, with a portion of rice. The dish is delicious and it is interesting that they have potatoes. However, it is not spicy enough, and they bring me a bowl of fresh chili which enhances the taste. I drank one Singha beer with it. All in all, it adds up to a bit over €16.

I was quite satisfied with the visit, the place, the staff and the food were OK. Otherwise, if we talk about Thai food, my first choice is always Roza slon – Pink Elephant. A Chutty’s nicely fills the gap between the street food options (Pink Elephant, On Thai, Thai Zone) and the fine cuisine in Shambala. Lovers of Asian and more specifically Thai cuisine will find something for themselves here.

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