East from Salalah

This time I woke at six, packed, drunk tea and we moved to explore places East of Salalah. Fadi was my guid, 20 omr. First stop was Taqah with beach and castle. At Sumhuram Unesco site we couldnt enter while it was closed in the morning.

East from Salalah 1

From there we moved to mountains, saw waterfall from far, from near some cascades. Visited two big sinkholes, they were not accesible. We finished at cliffs at Jabal Shamhan for great views.

East from Salalah 2

Time to turn back, one more view point on our way. I had lunch, fish in coconut milk, 2.1 omr, coconut with sugare sweets, 0.1 omr. We tried to find coffe place, 3 times no luck, quick detour to lake with many birds. We were tired and returned back to room for nap.

East from Salalah 3

In the evening we went for a game, nice goal by Messi. I had turkish coffe, water and peanuts, 1.5 omr

East from Salalah 4

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