Baku – museum day

Woke up late, and after breakfast some more relaxing because I hadn’t slept for 2 days. As it was windy I went out late. First to the shop, 1 azn.

Baku - museum day 1

Walked to an old walled town, and there I climbed Maiden Tower 15 azn, narrow steep stairs, few floors with some exhibitions, nice view from the top

Baku - museum day 2

Next, I entered palace 15 azn. Few interesting rooms, a trone room, some exhibitions, mosque. Again a lot of stairs between buildings.

Baku - museum day 3

Then i visited carpez museim 10 azn. The building itself is interesting, on 3 floors you see tools for carpet making, different types of carpets, traditional clothes, …

Baku - museum day 4

After that, I went to the crowd at the Christmas market. Searched for a place to eat. For dinner I had sendwich with sujuk, fries, ayran, chili for 19 azn. One beer before returning to the hotel, 2.4 azn. Watched some Netflix before I fell asleep in bed

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