To Budapest

Next morning, after I woke up I headed to breakfast, there I saw again Italians. I was back to room to do some packing. At 11h I checked out, enjoyed a tea and conversation with owner. Same taxi from the day before drove me to airport, 11 JD.

To Budapest 1

At airport again some waiting, email reading. This flight was empty, so I had 3 seats for myself, ate some Pringls, 4 €. We arrived to Budapest late, went to shop for sandwich and water, waited for my sister, she was even later.

To Budapest 2

I drove towards center, stopped at Burger king 35 €, ate few things. There I had conference call, listend to my students while they present there work. From there we mved to center and walked around, by river to Parliament, stopped for drink, 13 €. Got ticket for packing but just warning.

To Budapest 3

It was time to go home. On the highway there was a problem with car, it was overheating, some pump problem. So I  drove 80 km/h for 6 hours. We arrived home at 6 am, I took a shower, 30 min power nap and went to work.

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