The Mole Agent – movie

The Mole Agent is a movie where I went to the movies after a year. Boško and I meet an hour earlier in front of the Dvor cinema, where we are debating the possibility of traveling, most likely it will be Malta. We bought tickets in the middle of the hall 5th and 6th seat in the 5th row. The price is € 5.30. Upon entering the hall, it is necessary to put on a mask and wear it throughout the show. In addition to the ticket, they also scan the PCT certificate at the entrance. The seats are quite uncomfortable and after half of the film, it was not possible to sit comfortably.

This was probably the first Chilean movie I saw. This 84-minute-long documentary was even nominated for an Oscar. In the beginning, the introduction to the film is made by the director Alberdi, which is quite unusual. The film initially has a comic atmosphere. But over time, it becomes increasingly sad. It addresses a topic that is relevant today, the elderly in nursing homes. The loneliness and slow decay of the people who are there is the main topic. The film saddens me, perhaps because of my experience with these institutions. The film is worth watching, although you won’t come out of the cinema smiling.

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