Joe Pena’s-mexican restaurant

Joe Pena’s is a Mexican restaurant in Ljubljana, which has been open since 1998. The nightlife used to be lively here. Today, however, most customers are here at lunch time. Here they have an offer for students (7 € and a limited set), us mortals (daily offer) and an a la carte menu (larger portions, more complex dishes). Of course, there are nachos, guacamole, sticky fingers, chili con carne, fajita, chimichanga, asado, burrito, quesada, enchilada, … The basic ingredients of Mexican cuisine are rice, corn tortilla, meat (beef and chicken), vegetables (peppers, tomatoes) and various sauces (preferably spicy).

chilli con carne, joe pena's
chilli con carne, joe pena’s

I ordered Chili con carne this time. The name itself says that it contains meat and hot peppers. It is basically a beef stew / stew that contains beans and peppers. The version in Joe Pena’s is interesting to me because the meat is diced and not like I’m used to minced meat. Served in a colorful deep dish, topped with a tablespoon of sour cream and a loaf of bread. The dish is delicious but not too spicy for my taste, so I added hot sauce. The dishes here, however, are adapted to European palates and are not like in Mexico. I was happy with the choice of food, the interior is nice, our waiter was efficient enough and most of us didn’t notice at first. We didn’t need a mask just PCT. The price was € 8.10.

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