Slovenia : Estonia 1:2

Slovenia was playing qualifying game for UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. While this team was part of World cup in South Africa year before expectations were high. Also Estonia lost againt Faroe Islands game before.

My nephew had a wish to see the game. But tickets were already sold out and I was in search. Finally, a friend from University sold me 3 tickets. Now I had an extra ticket and invited chef E. We arrived early and joined the crowd of 15,480 spectators. Atmospher was great.

The game started at 20:45. But it was not going to the wishes of us, spectators. After half an hour of play goalkeeper, Handanović made a foul against Zeniev. For that, he got a yellow card and a penalty by referee Stéphan Studer (Switzerland) and it was justified. Even though the goalkeeper went in the right direction penalty was realized by Vassiliev. Slovenian attack was unmarkable.

In the second half, both of the teams did generate a few opportunities. Tim Matavž scored in 78. minute after bad clearance from the Estonian side. But this result changed 3 minutes later when Purje scored from the right side. So with the final result of 1:2 Slovenia lost for the first time against Estonia. But in these qualifications, Estonia surprised also Serbia and Northern Ireland and finished as the second team in the group. and failed in play-offs to qualify.

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