A friend gave a good review of the Shambala restaurant and I enjoy Asian cuisine so with friends we planned to visit this restaurant for some time now. Later it was even mentioned in Michelin’s guide. It lasted a bit to organize it, but finally, we managed to try the food there. This restaurant has a nice interior on Križevniška street, but we sat outside while it was warm.

Shambala 1

We started by tasting five different appetizers (vegetable spoon, Vietnamese fresh rolls, tempura, shrimps, chicken with some interesting dips). We drunk with wine Zelen from Ferjančič. Men took ‘Moulard’ duck breast with sour mango sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, and almonds. Girls had seafood, Salmon (really tender), and shrimps. For dessert, I tried passion fruit ice cream with almond cream and coconut foam.

While it was late dinner we were all full of food we had. I would say the green garden in the medieval part of town was the peak of that night. Food was tasty with the often sweet and sour combination of mango, passion fruit … I’ll return back for that curry.

Shambala 2

The bill was around 200 € with a tip for 4x appetizer, 4x main dishes, 2 bottles of white wine, and 2 desserts.

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