Roza slon Vič open

Roza slon Vič

roza slon viča
roza slon vič

Roza slon opened the third location Roza slon Vič today. We can now call them a chain because we speak in the plural. The new location is located in Vič, more precisely on Tržaška cesta 116. We in IT will know that this is where the SRC is. You park in the back on the gravel by the railway.

Roza slon Vič open 1
path to X (WC)

Here, too, they adhere to the established format. There are 16 standard dishes on the menu for € 6.30, with Pad Thai again in the lead (I don’t know why). They also insist on recycled kitsch plastic in the interior. Upon entering the room, a standard soy smell is there and the woks are surrounded by fire.

Roza slon Vič open 2
me & pad kee mao

It is obligatory that I go to see them, and during lunch, I went there. I ordered the classic Pad Kee Mao (drunk noodles) with beef, spicy 3 elephants. Patty has everything under control.

Roza slon Vič open 3
patty & tedej

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