Road trip

The next morning, I was up for a slow start. After the bathroom, I packed my things. To be prepared for a long drive I ate the rest of ćevapi. Cousin’s third daughter drove me to the airport. At Hertz boot, I picked my car. I got a KIA SUV (78$) for 24 hours. It was painful to pay fee for leaving the car at another location 300$. Car cost (renting, fee, gas, toll) was same as flying to states and back home to Ljubljana! But I wanted to try roads in states and to be able to combine it with my packed itinerary this was the only solution. I returned cousin back home and it was time to start my road trip.


I took the smaller regional road over Vermont instead of going south over Boston. On the way the view was great; nice countryside, autumn leaves, lakes… I paid some toll (3$). The one I missed and passed through free lane was deducted later from credit card (7$). Also, by the road, there was a lot of roadkill, even big animals like deer. Had one detour while they were fixing bridge: So that meant even smaller places in the hilly countryside. In 8 hours, I stopped twice, for cigarettes and sandwiches (7$). In a car, I listened to different radio stations (debate about police cars, religious radio, music, politics. As for whether I had everything from sun to rain and snow.

In the evening, after almost at 7 PM, I arrived at Endwell, Awdo’s home. For dinner, he ordered Chinese takeout (35$?). His lovely daughter was with us, while his son was at his grandparents. I ate some noodles and rolls. His wife arrived a bit later from work. We had a nice evening with some Coors beer and rose wine. Around midnight I went to bed. I got kid’s room, but even the bed was a bit shorter I enjoyed my sleep.

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