Museums of NYC

After a few hours, it was time to leave the hostel and I went to Manhattan again. It was a day for Museums. But first I said let’s try to skate (12$). After one circle of pathetic clinging to rail it was time to admit that I forgot it.

cheese steak sendwich
cheese steak sendwich

But around there were nice places to eat and drink something, cheesesteak sandwich 18$, beer 21$. After that, I treated myself with a wet towel shave (43$).


So for starters it was Madame Tussauds, interesting but not overwhelming, later shopping in American Eagle (25$). Next, it was MoMA, I started from the top floor downwards, saw some performances, installations, masterpieces. Last was MET, a really big one, I didn’t have enough time to see it all.

the MET
the MET

After closing of the MET I met with Kobrowsky, we had few IPAs in a small restaurant (100$). From there moved south for burger and beer in an Irish pub (60$?). It was time to say goodbye, he went home to Brooklyn and I went towards Port Authority station. I went shopping on the way (15$). Slept on the station while waiting for a bus.

Adivice on visiting museums in NYC

  • buy New York Pass form of card for access to interesting sites, because it is a much better experience
    • Cheap (even you can visit all places included)
    • Fast (you don’t wait in a queue to buy a ticket or to enter the venue)
    • Simple (you can have one ticket for all on phone and backup on paper)
  • plan in advance
    • make inquiry how much time it takes for the specific visit and what is suggested to see
    • check transportation options to the location
    • some places have discounts or free entrance for specific dates
    • buy in the advance ticket(s) or pass
    • plan the route, some suggestions for kids are below

Predlog dnevne maršute po muzejima u NYC

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