Chiang Mai 3

We woke up at 7 AM. After the bathroom and cigarette, we were ready for elephant rescue (1300 THB).

Chiang Mai 3 1

We were picked up by 2-row and American volunteer guide. Group was mostly comprised of Americans and an Irish couple.

Chiang Mai 3 2

After some intro, we changed into some blue clothes and they gave us a bag of bananas so we could feed elephants (4 grown females and one small male).

Chiang Mai 3 3

They left green bananas. After we feed them we had a short walk around the premises.

Chiang Mai 3 4

Next, we put some mud on elephants as sunscreen and repellent.

Chiang Mai 3 5

It was followed by a bath of them.

Chiang Mai 3 6

That concluded our socializing with animals. We then took a shower, there was also a pool but I skipped that one and opted for beer (2x = 120 THB). Lunch we prepared by ourselves, they should us how, we would put together what we liked, boiled it for a short time and it was ready. Some mingling with others, danish. On the way back, we were late a bit again. So we asked at the hostel for the bus in the evening to Chiang Rai but there were no more available seats, not even online. Bought tickets for the next morning online (7 €). This destroyed my plan and it meant we will skip the day trip to Burma. So at the hostel, we had a few beers and see what is the new plan. Extra night at the hostel (380 THB). Few beers (400 THB). We gave dirty clothes to laundry (260 THB). We reserved Thai massage (300 THB) and on moat bank had a beer (100 THB) and talked while watching rats. The massage was soft in beginning, but after not that much, felt legs for the next few days. We bought a ticket for the Thai boxing show (400 THB pax), went for a dinner where we talked to the owner, German. Watching fights was a bit fun, touristic, young boys and girls where there trying to put up a show, there was even one knockout. The last fight was with one ginger white girl that won local – a bit too much. But there we meet American and Ozzie, had beers (320 THB), shots for free. After we mingled a bit. I was really sleepy so I would sleep anywhere. We went separate ways and I finished alone with some locals (800 THB).

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