Mexico M Place in Ljubljana

Before I went to the Hladno pivo concert at Kino Šiška, I wanted to eat something. Otherwise, the Olimpija burek is right next door, but I would rather sit somewhere and in peace enjoy some food and a drink. The logical choice was the Mexican restaurant Mexico M place, where you can see the Šiška Cinema from the terrace.

Mexico M Place in Ljubljana 1

I was early enough and I sat down at a corner table in a rather empty garden. The waiter and I looked for something not too abundant, marinated poultry and Belgian beer on tap was chooice. Soon, I had 6 pieces of poultry and a generous portion of baked potatoes on the table. They added a damp hand towel to clean my hands. I ate in peace, it was delicious and plentiful. Meanwhile, the group Hladno pivo arrived at the next table. Soon after that, Iva and her company were here.

Mexico M Place in Ljubljana 2

After I ate, I went to the toilet, ordered another beer and paid €18 for everything. When I returned, someone had already taken the table, although it was not empty. So I joined Iva. There was a pleasant company at the table. They waited a long time for pizza, I tried a slice, old school. Before we went to the hall, Iva took a picture with the singer Mile, she was not satisfied with his energy. On the way there I met Anže.

Mexico M Place in Ljubljana 3

This restaurant offers good Mexican food and even pizzas. The garden is ideal in good weather, but the interior is not a bad option. I will certainly repeat something similar before another concert.

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