Tedej invited me to join him and Katja at the movies. This time we went to Cineplexx and the movie was Air. They picked me up at home around 20h and in a few minutes we were at the theater. We didn’t buy tickets upfront so at the counter we saw there are 3 last tickets but not together. We still decided to buy them. 3 tickets, popcorn, and drinks were 52 €. I got a seat in 3rd line on the side, not the best place to be. The commercials were too long.

Air is a movie about Air Jordan sneakers by Nike. It was nice to see that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are working together, producing, directing, and acting. They picked up the interesting angle of this story, not about Michael but about Nike. They disrupted business with this deal and made some serious money. I liked 80’s references and nostalgia as I grew up in this era. Nice movie but not Oscar material.

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