Mars festival 27.5.2010 – Skunk Anensie, Urban, Dan D

Mars festival was project conecting two cities Ljubljana and Zagreb with music by Dallas records. On second edition line up in Ljubljana included newcomers Escobars, project Mlade kuzle, croatian Urban&4, local Dan D and british Skunk Anensie. I wanted to hear Urban live and Alenka was fan of Dan D. So we bought tickets and went to Gospodarsko razstavišče on Thursday summer evening with around 2000 other people.

First two bends were not memorable. Mlade kuzle took after punk bend Kuzle but that time is gone and Escobars just filled the gap. Now it was time for Urban&4. Damir Urban made inpact with bend Laufer and continued as solo performer with bend 4, last album was Hello! To see him perform live was my primary goal that night. Damir was unique in his performance, full of pain. Memorable were songs Mjesto za mene, Astronaut and peacked up with song Budi moja voda from Laufer times.

Dan D had nice set, good sound, strong performance but I was not moved too much. And then came on to the stage Skunk Anensie. They returned after 8 hiatus and I didn’t know what to expect from them. This tour was for promoting Smashes and Trashes album, old with 3 new songs. But soon I was taken by the energy from stage. Main reason was the singer Skin (Deborah Dyer). She would perform balades like Hedonistic to loud noisy song like Litle baby swastikka. She was all around stage comunicating with fans below stage, chewing on bend member ear, raging, smiling, changing outfit. This is performance that is hard to top. Around 1a.m. they occupied stage and finished after a bit more over one hour. It was all over and time to go home.



  1. Čakamo
  2. Počasi
  3. Barve
  4. Roke
  5. Love Song
  6. Sun Sun
  7. Lep dan za smrt
  8. Sirenia
  9. Jutranja
  10. Voda
  11. Plešeš
  12. Moj problem
  13. Čas


  1. Intro (Yes, It’s F*cking Political)
  2. Selling Jesus
  3. Charlie Big Potato
  4. Because of You
  5. Charity
  6. 100 Ways to Be a Good Girl
  7. I Can Dream
  8. I Don’t Want To Kill You
  9. Weak
  10. Brazen (Weep)
  11. Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
  12. Cheap Honesty
  13. On My Hotel TV
  14. Tear The Place Up
  15. The Skank Heads
    —dodatek I.—
  16. Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
  17. Squander
  18. Little Baby Swastikkka
    —dodatek II.—
  19. Secretly

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