London 2010

I got a free trip to London. Sergej was living in London and had Porsche Cayenne in Ljubljana to drive when he was here. The car needed registration so it had to be taken to London. So Tedej, Nagla, Beli, and me took this opportunity. All expenses were covered. It was a great culinary experience with gourmet dishes.


London 2010 1

Late in the evening we moved from Ljubljana. Gregor drove first, Slovenia and Austria.


London 2010 2

My turn was to drive early in the morning over Germany, no limits in this car! It meant driving 200+ km/h. But soon someone would signal me to move from lane while he drove 300 km/h. Tedej took over in France. I had a call from work. We went by train under the channel. On border they make fun of Slovenia, we lost against England 1:0. And the USA won in extra time and eliminating us the day before.

London 2010 3

On arrival to London after 18 hours, we met with Sergej. He took us to Albany street, to the apartment of his daughters while they were in Russia.

London 2010 4

We made a quick round around the center, seeing Eye, Big Ben, Parlament. That night we went out around clubs. I returned back to the apartment with Beli in a cab. I wasn’t impressed by the nightlife there. Also, I lost ID but had still a passport.


The next day we went to the ICE BAR. Interesting experience, you got warm poncho while it was -5 C. You got dring in an Ice glass. You have 40 minutes to drink it and pay 13 GBP. We had lunch at the Brasilian BBQ restaurant. It is all about meat there that was accompanied by great red wine. I’m sorry I took any of the side dishes. They cut meat on your plate until you show the red card. In the evening we finished in a Thai restaurant/pub.


The next morning I had an egg in the hotel’s restaurant. For lunch, we went to a Thai restaurant where we met Sergej’s wife. Nice and spicy dishes. For diner, we went to an Italian restaurant in Soho, great octopus carpaccio. We finished the evening in Cape of good hope.

London 2010 5

The pub across the street of the apartment. We played some pool there. Later in the apartment we played some games and pushups were a penalty. Shit happens

London 2010 6


After late English breakfast (looks like lunch) we passed Madame Tussauds museum, too crowded. We had lunch in an Italian restaurant where you pick what they will cook and get a beep when it’s finished.

London 2010 7

In the evening we watched in our pub game, Game Germany: England, 4:1. Carma is b… But the atmosphere was great there, father and son in jersy standing while the national anthem played. In the evening we went to a Shisha bar with Sergej.


Early in the morning, Tedej drove first. He almost made an accident while he drove on the opposite side. In Folkestone, we had to wait for few hours for train.

London 2010 8

I took over again in Germany and Nagla in Austria. We arrived late at night back home.

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